Sunday, January 02, 2005

Off Holiday

I'm back! I say this as if I have just arrived, when it has in fact been several days. You see, I've been sick. Sicker than a rotting leper, and thus haven't felt up to blogging until this very moment. I came back to work after my vacation in California full of health and well-being, void of any ailments, and in all-around good shape. I had not expected to find both my editor and photo researcher stricken with the flu. Fantastic. Considering I spend many an hour working closely with each of them, it was only a matter of time before they infected me. Come Thursday, I was feeling WRETCHED.

I had Friday off, and spent the day recovering, and would have spent New Years in bed, if a friend hadn't dragged me off to a party at someone's timeshare in Salt Lake. I originally planned to go dancing that night, despite the general suckiness of Salt Lake clubs, but who wants to dance around in a pool or their own vomit, you know? I survived the evening, which was pretty boring truth-be-told, and have been resting ever since.

I'm hoping to be in much better condition when I go back to work tomorrow, because I'll really need all my strength to beat the living crap out of both my editor and photo researcher for getting me sick. Never mind that they're sweet, guileless women in their 40s, they have it coming!

Might as well talk about Christmas. Goodbye 30 degrees, hello 75! Christmas isn't Christmas for me unless I see palm trees. It was wonderful to have my entire vacation filled with beautiful SoCal weather. Highlights included spending time with the family, a phone call to my brother in Mexico, and driving my mother's broken-down van around a crowded parking lot while she and my sister shopped for baby clothes. Okay, maybe only two highlights.

Also had dinner with high school friends and my high school English teacher who we still keep in contact with. She is partly responsible for my love of literature and completely responsible for my love of Tab. It was great to see her.

Keeping with the theme of nostalgia meals, also had brunch with Speech teacher from high school, another uber-cool lady. Although she didn't addict me to any beverages, she did make my high school years more colorful, with speech competitions and whatnot. We discussed teachers and students who I haven't thought about in years. Good times, high school.

And now I'll post some photos, for those of you who can't read and like to look at pictures.

Your friend and lover,

(click to enlarge)

(left to right) 1.My neice attempts to play guitar. 2. more neices with some guy in red suit. 3. Jean, me, Luis at lunch with teacher. 4. December in Salt Lake.


wilkesyachtingco said...

you are beautiful and angular. now is zhe part of schpochkets vhen vee dance!

Cece said...


grace said...

wilkes: brilliant... had me giggling for 5 minutes.... and then again for another 2. heh...

glad you're back.... and hope you're feeling better... :)