Monday, July 19, 2004


Well it's been 7 months since Arnold Schwarzenegger took office, and although I don't know much about how he's doing politically, at least he's entertaining.

On Saturday he delivered a speech in which he referred to Democrats opposing his budget as "girlie-men."

This is an obvious allusion to SNL's old Hanz and Franz sketch which starred two ridiculously proportioned bodybuilders with Schwarzenegger-like accents. Wouldn't it be great if all lawmakers, old and new, started imitating their Saturday Night Live counterparts? Clinton could start biting his tongue while giving comedically-timed thumb-ups at his book signings, Bush Sr. could drone the "wouldn't be prudent" line in all of his public remarks, Janet Reno could hold weekly dance parties, and Bush Jr. could well...act like himself, I guess.

I was tickled by all the righteous indignation of some Democrats. The fact that they were extremely offended only gives support to his remark. Sure, it was a stupid thing to say, but hey, so is 90% of what leaves most politicians' mouths.

I don't really like Arnold. I think he only ran for governor to further inflate his already over-inflated ego. But hey, at least he seems to be doing a better job than Gray Davis (who was like a creepy, evil version of Mr. Rogers).

Good luck Kah-lee-fornia. You're going to need it.


wilkesyachtingco said...

oh dear me. you would have thought that the democrats were describing some remarks from a kkk rally or something of that nature. apperantly that was a remark that was extremely offensive to all people who are in the habit of look for things to be offended over. its rediculous.

Jeremy said...

It makes me think of the Daily Universe (BYU's newspaper)-- if you remember about 90% of the letters to the editor began with the line, "I'm shocked and horrified..." BYU students are always shocked and horrified about something, whether it be short, tummy-showing shirts on freshmen girls or someone not stopping for the National Anthem. I think people would enjoy life more if they weren't so offended all the time. Heck, I'm offended by Celine Dion's hideous persona, but you don't see me spouting off to some editor.

wilkesyachtingco said...

does your aversion to that quebecois wonder stem from having it in close proximity to you for a year or two? and you just did complain about it....hows that? she really ought to go back to canada though.

Jeremy said...

I roommed with Jarom for a few years and he was a huge fan -- so I heard her more than I would have liked. Plus my mom loves the lout, and is not ashamed to put her on. I think it's just her piercingly drab voice, flailing out such banal tunes, which gets to me. Of course it was the whole Titanic thing which made me loathe the woman. I saw Celion Dion perfume in the store the other day. Woohoo, now you can smell like mediocrity!

And yes, I did complain about her just after complaining about people complaining. But hey, that's what a blog is for.

PintosWowzone said...

Hey, are you Mormon?

Jeremy said...

Yes. Who be you?