Thursday, July 22, 2004

We Were All Wrong

I just read an interesting news article. A monkey at an Israeli zoo has begun walking on its hind legs, like most humans (Dick Cheney, excluded). This un-monkey-like behavior started shortly after being released from treatment for stomach flu, which according to the monkey's veterinarian, also caused some brain damage (due to the stomach's close proximity to the cranium).  
This explains so much!  We were all wrong. Humans are not the offspring of some miraculous advancement in evolution -- humans are the offspring of brain damaged monkeys!

If Hawking can change his theory on black holes, then evolutionists can darn well change theirs. Get to work scientists, you retarded monkey babies.


The Missing Link revealed.


Alice said...

SEEEEEEE!!! Truth will be revealed in the year of the monkey!!!

Jeremy said...

Yes, and being born in the year of the Monkey, I can say that I'm proud to be the decendant of retarded monkey forefathers.