Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Change Comes To Us All

"I'm so grateful to be in a country where I'm not always living in fear of machine guns."

So said a rather odd fellow as part of his remarks over the pulpit a few Sundays ago. No one else in the congregation found this statement to be hilarious, so I had to hold back all my laughter. But today I will have to whole-heartedly agree: I'm so grateful I can change my blog's name without worrying about all those pesky machine guns.

And so I have. If you were counting, the name "Jeremy's Black Pit of Eternal Sadness" won the most votes with a whopping FOUR. "The Skinny" and "Happy Smile Land" tied for second and the name I ended up choosing was in third. Turns out I had been leaning towards that name all along, and my vote counts for at least a million, so in reality it ended winning with 1,000,002 votes. I did receive some other suggestions, but let's be honest: who in God's green earth would want to name their blog "i'M sO cUtE. LoL"?!

But there's a story behind the name I chose. Several years ago I kept a book tucked under my bed. Every morning when I woke, I would grab the book and quickly write what I could remember from what I had just been dreaming. I heard such a practice could help increase one's chances of "lucid dreaming," or the ability to become fully aware in a dream without waking up. It actually worked a couple times, but never lasted longer than a minute or so. And so I eventually lost interest and the book went in a box.

I opened it up again recently, and the first thing I read was, "I'm flying backwards with great speed," and for some reason this line just spoke to me. There you have it. In an attempt to make this whole thing relevant, I will say that many of my entries are about things I consider to be backward. Hah. There you go. The title has meaning.

In other news, this blog has now gotten more than 1000 hits. Thank you to the ten people who pushed the refresh button 100 times each. You will all receive virgins in heaven.


grace said...

good to see you finally picked one. now i can change your name on my blog... :) (you like that unsolicited plug for my blog on yours? hehe.)

at any rate, i liked this one the best. i think my vote counts for at least 5.

also, i would not like to have a virgin. they frighten me because they get too attached. or so i've heard. i'd like a manwhore. thanks.

Jeremy said...

One manwhore coming right up...

grace said...

cool! you're taking orders! in that case, make it 2 manwhores with whipped cream in the middle.

man, heaven's not nearly as boring as church made it seem.

Mr. What said...

1000 hits that is exciting, but I thought we were expected to check your blog several times a day, was I wrong?

I am also very glad you picked the name I voted for.

Jeremy said...

You're quite wrong. You'd supposed to check at least forty times a day, just to make sure the words are still where I left them. The last thing we need are sentences or even whole paragraphs taking off. That would be disastrous. If people wanted incomprehensible drivel, they'd read a Danielle Steel novel.