Saturday, September 18, 2004

No Vote, No Voice

Please don't think I'd be so uncouth as to discuss the presidential election on this blog. Everyone knows that's a lose-lose situation. No, this post is actually about voting on a new name for this blog. Yes, I've grown tired of "Jeremy's Blog" as a title, so I'm thinking of changing it. Thinking sometimes requires input. That's where you come in.

So, my blog readers, you single digits you, read the following list of possibilites and vote on your favorite in the comments section. Some I'm really considering, some are thrown in to fill up space. Perhaps you think they all are terrible. If this is the case, feel free to suggest a name, as long as you refrain from suggesting something like "Jeremy's Porn Barn" or whatnot. The last thing I need is this blog attracting animal lovers.

The list:
1. Eat This Mr. Ebertson
2. Happy Smile Land
3. Santa, Elves, and Everyone
4. The Turbo Power 2000 Plus Deluxe Special Edition
5. Flying Backwards With Great Speed
6. Tab and Bon Bons
7. Jeremy's Black Pit of Eternal Sadness
8. The Skinny
9. Stuff To Read
10. Jeremy's Blog (it's so classic)

Do remember to vote, because if you don't, how could you live with yourself?


Anonymous said...

This is Jill, number 8, the Skinny, doesn't seem too bad. It reminds me of you. :)

j.i.g. said...

Hi. For me, it's a tie between "Happy Smile Land" and "Jeremy's Black Pit of Eternal Sadness." Gotta love that hyperbole!

grace said...

#2 sounds oh, so japanese. you gotta love it. hehe.

tab and bon bons sounds so trashy. like Peg in Married With Children...

but, seriously, i like #5. and #7. but i like #5 more.

Mr. What said...

I would make a suggestion but 'Jeremy's Porn Barn' was specifically ruled out and I am out of ideas. I vote for #9 seems very fitting and goes well with your slogan Commentary more intriguing than the back of a cereal box. #4 is full of pep so I got to give it a vote. #1 is very catchy, so I vote for it. #7 is very goth and would probably be found on a list of why a person is so goth; it also gets a vote. #2, #3, and #5 are quite random so they deserve a vote. #10 is probably there just to take up space but it is classic so I got to vote for it. #6 is trashy and I like trash so a vote for #6. Finally #8 seems like a quick radio news report, so I vote for it too.

As a blog reader I am proud to exercise my right to vote, so put me down for one vote for each of the suggestions. Hope this helps

Jeremy said...

(laughs) Yes, that helps a bunch!

Kis Lee said...

yeah, #2 does sound Japanese-ish.

I like 2 and 8. 9 is probably already taken by some 13-14 year old.

Mike said...

"i'M sO cUtE. LoL"
"Arbitrary waveform generator"
The lamb of God HORK!"
"I've never swallowed more than I could chew"
"This is the title of my blog"
"Funknasty scuzzheiffer"

Good Luck

wilkesyachtingco said...

numbers six and seven.... oh, the sorrow, the sorrow... (shut up todd!) my names not todd- its azreil abyss... the prince of sorrow.... ohhh, ohh....