Wednesday, June 29, 2005

One Year and Counting

It's my blogivesary! I have now officially been blogging for a year. Raise your hand if you've been reading since Day 1......crap, do I hear crickets chirping? Yes, I do.

I've never managed to post daily, but I try to keep the posts coming at least weekly. My readership is pretty small, but I have managed to breach 10,000 hits. Really, that's good enough for me.

And now, in this special anniversary edition, I'm going to list my all-time favorite posts. Click on one, when you get a chance, and have yourself a sit. If you're reading this, then you're guaranteed to like these posts. I'm a big fan myself.

Here's to another year!

TOP TEN All-Time favorite Posts:

1. Why, Dex, Why? The trauma of receiving too many phone books.

2. Champagne and Big Macs How I became a French stereotype.

3. Walmart Banshee Walmart induces uncontrollable hysteria.

4. Holy Sandwich, Batman! The Virgin Mary: mother of God AND a tasty snack.

5. Punch, Punch, Punch Voting time is fun time.

6. Please Pass the Adipose My frustrations with not being able to gain weight (which, unfortunately, is no longer a problem for me).

7. What the Scrap? The Great Scrapbook Crash of 2011.

8. Obsess Me Why I need an obsession.

9. Tamped On The magical world of feminine hygeine.

10. I, Cellphone Robots, technology dependence, and the horrors of losing my cellphone.

11. Marriage-a-Thon My very first post! Two wedding receptions in one night, stuck in the car with my mother. What could go wrong?


NARDAC said...

You know, it was your Adipose post that hooked me. That's number 1 on my list.

grace said...

oh, jeremy... you are so funny... i hadn't read the first 3 you'd linked...

i *heart* your schtuff. :)

julia said...

happy blogivesary!!! =D

Mr. What said...

More than 10,000 hits. That is very good. I will keep checking your blog 4 or 5 times a day. Maybe you will break 20,000.

Jeremy said...

Nardac: Glad you found me -- since I now can enjoy your spiffy blog as well.

Grace: And you know I'm a Grace blog addict.

Julia: Thanks ;)

What: Oh, please do! Then I can pretend more people read my blog and finally find the courage to stop going to those expensive self-esteem courses.

Cece said...

Hey I just had my bloggerversary too! YAY US!
I remember that Wal-Mart Banshee post. One of my favorites as well.

Jeremy said...

Congrats Cece!